The Beginnings

I'm passionate about what I do. About my little shop and every piece I make. I remember each one. Their curve and design, pattern, details... burnt fingers from my soldering torch... it's all a wonderful journey.

Lovebuttons, the name, came to me from a desire to create pieces with a bit of the incredible variety of patten found on antique button faces. I loved digging through them as a child. My mother had these clear pull out drawers in a blue cabinet in her sewing room. I used to spend hours in there, taking a drawer out at a time then sitting on the floor under her desk to sort through them. Ceramic, plastic, brass, etched and cut glass, even bone.

And then there is Silversmithing. It has been around almost as long as people.

I love that history. Age. Being a part of something so old! I think that reflects most in my pieces. Heirloom appeal. Quality. Patina. Pieces that will last and look like they already have.

This applies to most everything. Doesn't matter the craft--I love anything made by hands instead of machines. Master or beginner. Schooled, apprenticed or self-taught. If those hands have made it, I just love it!

I hope you find something special here at Lovebuttons. I hope you take a little time to read about each piece to catch your eye--perhaps even take a wee journey and in doing so, learn more about me too.

Thanks for stopping in--hope to see you again soon

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